A Recorded Webinar on “Meeting Specs for Safety: The Role of Material Properties Assurance”

About this webinar:In this webinar, T.D. Williamson Product Line Director Rich Kehl will help operators worldwide understand how they can meet codes and safety specifications — and improve pipeline integrity — through improved material properties assurance. He’ll discuss the importance of material compatibility in equipment that gets attached to pipelines; he’ll also talk about how manufacturing approaches relate to material assurance and describe an innovative way for operators to overcome missing or incomplete pipeline data in ageing assets.


Following a 2010 natural gas pipeline rupture in California, investigative work revealed discrepancies between the pipeline’s as-built drawings and its construction — including material differences that suggested the sections were not equally strong. In response, material properties assurance became the focus of industry regulators.

Since the incident, the United States has instituted new rules and guidance to improve pipeline integrity and operators’ records management. Codes regarding material documentation for gas transmission lines are expected in 2019.

In Europe, the industry is also acting to improve condition assessment, particularly in ageing pipelines. For example, one Dutch natural gas operator has created new standards for equipment that will be permanently installed on its `lines, such as hot tap fittings.

About the Speaker: Richard Kehl, Product Management Director @ T.D. Williamson – Rich Kehl holds degrees in Engineering Sciences from Dartmouth College, Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University and Aeronautics and Astronautics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He joined TDW as Product Director – Hot Tapping & Plugging in 2017.

To watch this recorded webinar click here and follow the the instructions

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