A Video tutorial on “Comprehensive Design Code Coverage for Pressure Vessel and Heat Exchanger Design” by Bentley Institute

AutoPIPE Vessel can help the user to design Pressure Vessels and Heat Exchangers easily with much confidence knowing that the project complies with required design codes and standards which is expected to follow for designing. This recorded webinar will help you to understand the complete usage of AutoPipe Vessel software.

Subtitles are supported in the following languages: English

Runtime: 21 minutes

Presenter:  Mr. Sudip Ganguly

About  the Presenter: Sudip has an MS degree in Mechanical Engineering and about 10 years’ experience in pressure vessels, heat exchangers and heavy equipment design, cost estimation, project management and fabrication for the nuclear and process industries. He is experienced in designing as per various pressure vessel and piping codes/standards and mechanical design and analysis including finite element analysis (FEA) and CFD analysis.

Being competitive in the global equipment design and manufacturing market requires the right design tools. In this webinar, Mr Sudip Ganguly, Vessel Product Manager, demonstrates how AutoPIPE Vessel makes it easy to design static equipment based on various international design codes and standards, including ASME. AutoPIPE Vessel gives you peace of mind when it comes to applying design codes and standards. See for yourself how you can produce cost-effective and accurate designs for the safe operation of pressure vessels under various loading conditions with AutoPIPE Vessel.

This webinar will provide you with an:

  • Overview of AutoPIPE Vessel
  • A technical demonstration of the available design codes for pressure vessel design
  • Review of heat exchanger and tube sheet design, storage tanks and air cooler design codes
  • Summary of design code coverage for wind and seismic loading, local load analysis, and material standards

To access the recorded webinar click here and follow the instructions

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