Online ASPEN HYSYS Process Simulation Courses (PDF)

Aspen HYSYS is the most widely used process simulation software used by chemical and process engineers. In 2020, This software has been awarded as the best modeling technology software by Hydrocarbon Processing. Aspen HYSYS is the best software to mathematically model the chemical processes for the refinery, oil&gas, chemical and petrochemical plants, etc. For simulating problems related to mass and energy balance, vapor-liquid equilibrium, chemical kinetics, pressure drop, mass transfer, fractionation, process design, steady-state and dynamic simulation, there is no substitute for Aspen HYSYS in industry. HYSYS software is developed by a Canadian company called Hyprotech and currently, Aspentech is the owner of this software.

ASPEN HYSYS Online Course

There are various institutes that conduct Aspen HYSYS courses in their institutes in offline mode. They charge a huge fee for such courses and there is no flexibility for such courses. Aspen Hysys online course, on the other hand, gives users the flexibility to learn at their own pace and as per flexible timing. But, the number of good ASPEN HYSYS Online courses is very limited. In this article, I will provide a list of ASPEN HYSYS online courses for beginner to advanced levels at very reasonable prices.

Online HYSYS Course 1: Basic Process Modeling

In this 5.5 hours class consisting of 62 lectures, you will learn about the basic chemical process models, Simulation of basic industrial processes, Understand the concept of Flowsheet and Manipulate it, Set up the required/basic inputs for a Simulation, Choose the most adequate Method for Physical Properties Modeling, Be able to model the most important/used Unit Operations, Modify all reporting results in order to make an analysis. This is specifically designed for process engineering beginners in the industry to develop their skills. Click here to know more about this course and join.

Online HYSYS Course 2: Intermediate Process Modeling

This course is suitable for intermediate-level process engineers. This course consists of 13.5 hours of lectures in 172 episodes. Chemical engineers can learn advanced operations and complex chemical processes. They will be able to increase their knowledge and application in the Physical Property Environment (Methods, Analysis Tools, Binary Diagrams, NIST TDE Databases). Heat exchange and Pump/Compressor curves, In-depth case studies, Distillation column profiling, Flowsheet manipulation, etc. are covered to help process engineers in enhancing their career goals. To know more about this course and join it, click here

Online ASPEN HYSYS Course 3: Aspen Plus V11 Masterclass – From beginner to advanced user

If you are looking for a complete course to master your skills in using Aspen Plus V11 then this is the right HYSYS online course for you. You will learn to identify the benefits of process simulation using Aspen Plus and know the capabilities of this software. The course comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and consists of 149 lectures of 13 hours duration. The course clearly explains the steps to define a fluid package, select the properties for the application, perform sensitivity analysis and optimize the process, provide the best practices and troubleshooting simulations, modeling of a piping system, Exchanger, column, pump, etc. To know further details about the program and enroll kindly click here.

ASPEN HYSYS online Course 4: Physical Properties

This 10.5-hour-long course consisting of 189 lectures provides a detailed understanding of Plotting T vs. x-y Data, Plotting P vs. x-y Data, Getting Thermodynamic Properties of Pure substances and Mixtures, Getting Transport Properties of Pure substances and Mixtures, Property Method Selection and Method Assistant, Binary and Ternary Interaction Properties, Manipulation of Results (Tables, Charts, Graphs, Plots, etc..), NIST ThermoData Engine (TDE) & DECHEMA, Nonconventional & Pseudocomponent Properties, Analysis Tools in Aspen Plus, PT Envelopes. This course is suitable for both beginner and intermediate-level chemical engineers. Learn more details about this course and join by clicking here.

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