Earn Part-time with Whatispiping While your own Learning

Yes, you got me right. You can earn while your own learning and while you prepare for your interviews. Let me explain in detail.

As you all know, Whatispiping is created and maintained by Anup Kumar Dey and his team. It is a free resource for oil and gas engineers, with the main focus on engineering design. Our team explains the complicated engineering theories in a simple, easy-to-understand manner. Currently, the site is already getting more than 250K+ pageviews from around the globe.

Whatispiping team is planning to be associated with some engineers having 8+ years of experience in any of the oil and gas branches (Process, Civil, Mechanical, Instrumentation, Piping, Pipelines, Projects, Procurement, Contracts, Business Development, Planning, Construction, Maintenance, Commissioning, Technical Safety, etc).

How will you Earn?

While you are studying any specific subject of your interest or preparing for your interview on any specific subject, along with your study/preparation you prepare notes on that subject. Write down in MS-word whatever details you are learning for the subject that you wish to visit later again. Explore from books, the internet, and your seniors, and combine in your notes. Finally, send those notes to us for publishing on the whatispiping.com website. If you want you can publish with your own name or without your name.

Let’s take an example to understand this. Assume Mr. A is studying “Expansion Joints”. So, he is learning about all aspects of an expansion joint to learn, explore and prepare for his upcoming interview as follows:

  • What is an expansion joint?
  • What are the types of expansion joints?
  • Which metals are used for manufacturing expansion joints?
  • What is the difference between metallic and rubber expansion joints?
  • In what situation expansion joints are used?
  • Why it is usually not preferred to use an expansion joint?
  • How to model an expansion joint in Caesar II?
  • What is thrust force in an expansion joint?
  • How to provide support when expansion joints are used in a system?

In this manner, Mr. A is collecting all possible details about the expansion joint and its uses. Now he writes all these details in MS word giving a proper heading for each paragraph and writing in his own way in the English language. He also includes relevant images to make the learning clear. Once the note is ready simply send us that note and we will publish it in the whatispiping blog and it will be available for everybody’s access free of cost. So, from that time onwards, whenever Mr. A or some other person wishes to learn about expansion joint they can easily learn from the topic prepared by Mr. A without wasting much time finding all details.

How much will you Earn?

The payment terms will be as follows:

  • For your first 20 articles in whatispiping blog, the payment will be ₹ .50 per word (0.50 Indian Rupee).
  • From your 21st to 50th article in the whatispiping blog, the payment will be ₹ .60 per word (0.60 Indian Rupee)
  • From your 51st to 100th article in the whatispiping blog, the payment will be ₹.75 per word (0.75 Indian Rupee).
  • From the 101st article onwards in whatispiping blog, the payment will be ₹ 1.00 per word (1.00 Indian Rupee)

Words will be counted in multiples of 100, which means if your article is having 1260 words, it will be counted as 1200 words (lower side). The minimum length of each article will be 1,000 words and the maximum length is 3,000 words. The payment cycle will be on a monthly basis and will be paid using google pay, or bank transfer for India. For example, if Mr. A in the above example writes 4 articles of 3000 words in a month, He can easily earn 4*3000*0.5=Rs 6000 in that month while his own learning.

Additional Rewards

The following additional rewards will be given to authors whenever

  • An author completes his 50th article (Award amount Rs 5,000 INR one time)
  • An author completes his 100th article (Award amount Rs 15,000 INR one time)
  • An Author completes his 150th article (Award amount Rs 25,000 INR one time)
  • Whenever an author completes his 200th article he will be given Rs 50,000 INR one time.

So from the above, you can easily calculate the potential of your earnings. Let’s assume all your articles are 1000 words and you wrote a total of 200 articles in a year. So, in that year your total earning will be: (20*0.5*1000)+ (30*0.6*1000)+(50*0.75*1000)+(100*1*1000)+5,000+15,000+25,000+50,000=260,500 inr.

Terms and Conditions

All articles must be written in their own language. No direct word-to-word copy from books or other websites is allowed. For referring to any specific part from books or websites provide reference to that book/website.
Full word-to-word content of the article once published in the whatispiping can not be shared on any other website, social media, or any other place.
Once the article is published in the whatispiping, the author can not delete it.
All the contents written by the authors will be copyrighted to whatispiping team. Writers will not be allowed to submit any complaint regarding the same.

How to Select an article for Writing?

The author has to send the list of subjects of articles to the whatispiping team. From their list, the whatispiping team will notify which ones to write. Any subject that is not yet published on the whatispiping site is good for publishing. So, authors can prepare the list of their subjects for articles by searching the whatispiping website.

How to Apply?

If you are open to earning a part-time income while you are learning, kindly indicate your interest by sending a mail to anup.piping@gmail.com. In the mail please mention the following:

  • Your branch/stream
  • Experience (must be 8+ years)
  • List of 5 subjects (topics) on which you wish to write.

If you have any questions regarding the above or wish to know more kindly send a mail to anup.piping@gmail.com

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Anup Kumar Dey

I am a Mechanical Engineer turned into a Piping Engineer. Currently, I work in a reputed MNC as a Senior Piping Stress Engineer. I am very much passionate about blogging and always tried to do unique things. This website is my first venture into the world of blogging with the aim of connecting with other piping engineers around the world.

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  1. hi sir,
    thanks for the knowledge you share on your blog.
    Very helpfull. I’m under IOGS CII2 certification process and happy to follow you.
    i’m from Madagascar island.
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