A Recorded Webinar on “How to Effectively Process Complex Gas Streams”

About this webinar: Effectively processing complex gas streams can be a daunting challenge. For many years, Shell’s Sulfinol-X hybrid solvent technology has been the leading technology for dealing with complex natural gases, especially those containing mercaptans.

Please join this webcast to gain a deeper understanding on the challenges, options and considerations for dealing with such gas streams. Our Shell experts will provide details of the type of capex and opex savings that can be earned, the design considerations for typical scenarios and the case studies that demonstrate what can be achieved when deep expertise is combined with leading technologies.

Webinar is Hosted by
Guest speaker Isabel Conradus; Licensing Technology Manager for Gas and Chemicals @ Shell -Isabel has almost 25yrs experience Gas Processing in both Upstream and Downstream businesses. She is currently LT Manager Gas & Chemicals.
& Guest speaker Gary Bowerbank; Manager Gas Processing Design External @ Shell-Gary has more than 18 yrs experience Gas Processing in both Upstream and Downstream businesses. He is currently Manager Gas Processing, supporting EMEAR.

The webinar is Organized by Palladian Publications Limited, a leading global publisher specialising in the energy and construction materials sectors.

To watch this recorded Webinar click here.

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