New version of PASS/Nozzle-FEM 3.0 is released

PASS/Nozzle-FEM version 3.0 is released.

The new version of PASS/Nozzle-FEM contains a number of enchantments and new features.

Software graphical interface has been significantly updated, and has become more user friendly.

Made preparations for integration with PASS/START-PROF pipe stress analysis software

In 3.0 release of PASS/Equip Nozzle-FEM, the following new features are available for users:

  • Capability to change the orientation of all shell types;
  • Capability to insert a nozzle on the conical reducers and heads;
  • Capability to calculate a shell without a nozzle;
  • Capability to set several load cases in a specific project;
  • Vector type of nozzle placement setting is implemented;
  • New system coordinates (pipe CS) that allows to set shell and nozzle concentrated loads.

The following calculations have been fixed and updated in the latest release:

  • Calculations as per WRC 537;
  • Calculations as per Russian GOST 34233.2,3-2017.
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Alex Matveev

Alex Matveev is one of the authors of pipe stress analysis codes GOST 32388-2013 Process Piping, and GOST 55596-2013 District Heating Networks. He is also one of the developers of PASS/Start-Prof software, which is developed since 1965 and used in 95% of process, power, district heating, gas and oil transportation design companies in Russia and CIS countries; it is industry standard in that region. He is the head of the PASS/START-PROF pipe stress analysis software development team. Also, He offers technical support and training for users of their software that number already 3000+, developing since 1965, industry standard in several countries for 50+ years, translated into English in 2017, come out from their domestic market, and started sales for the international market since 2018.

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