PASS Software Academic License Program

Smart stress and fluid flow simulation of the PASS Software now available to educational institutions

PSRE Co., the leading developer of smart simulation and sizing tools for every piping and equipment engineer/designer, is pleased to announce a new PASS Software Academic License Program to start June 1, 2019. PSRE recognizes the important role played by academia in preparing today’s students for tomorrow’s workplace and hopes to help with providing their software to educational systems free of charge.

Many institution’s engineering programs are becoming increasingly computer based with a growing reliance on commercial engineering software applications. PSRE will assist these programs with free access to the PASS Software for piping and equipment simulation. The PASS Software offers smart, easy-to-use analysis, simulation, and code compliant sizing tools for every piping and equipment engineer/designer enabling new users to perform piping and related equipment analysis in days rather than months. PSRE intends to be a part of providing a strong engineering education to prepare young engineers entering the professional world with all of the skills and knowledge they need to succeed.

PASS Software Academic licenses are valid for 1 year from the time of approval and may only be used for non-commercial academic and research purposes. The PASS Software Academic license is not available for individual students.

Academic licenses are provided free of charge in exchange for active work in research activities with publications (e.g. master and PhD thesis) referencing the PASS Software for Research Licenses or active use in classrooms for Teaching Licenses.

Launch of the Academic License Program is an important step for PSRE Co. We believe that PASS software proven its efficiency and ease of use by thousands of professional engineers, can be quickly adopted by today’s students and can significantly contribute to international research projects

— PSRE VP on R&D Leonid Korelstein

PASS Application Families

The PASS software is organized into product families to meet the broad range of piping systems analysis and design requirements.

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Alex Matveev

Alex Matveev is one of the authors of pipe stress analysis codes GOST 32388-2013 Process Piping, and GOST 55596-2013 District Heating Networks. He is also one of the developers of PASS/Start-Prof software, which is developed since 1965 and used in 95% of process, power, district heating, gas and oil transportation design companies in Russia and CIS countries; it is industry standard in that region. He is the head of the PASS/START-PROF pipe stress analysis software development team. Also, He offers technical support and training for users of their software that number already 3000+, developing since 1965, industry standard in several countries for 50+ years, translated into English in 2017, come out from their domestic market, and started sales for the international market since 2018.

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