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For the last few days, We have removed the EPC jobs option where We used to post the job opportunities from EPC fields with major as Piping, Pipeline, Civil, Mechanical, Process, Instrumentation, Procurements, Contracts, Projects, etc. Initially, We thought to remove it completely. But in the last few days, We had received a few emails from the readers requesting to add the job posting on the site. So looking at the potential job search candidates, I have come up with a new idea. My access to job information is very limited. So We are making the job posting option public. Now anybody (readers, recruiters) can post job opportunities easily on the site.

So anytime, you find a good job opportunity (only EPC jobs from Oil & Gas, Refinery, Petrochemical, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Power Plant, Water, Steel Sector) that you feel will be helpful for some of your friends please post it in the site. Before posting only do one check. Please check if the job is genuine or not. Whether the job you are posting is still valid or expired. Once you are sure, post it. Posting a job on this site is free. This article will provide a step by step guideline for posting a job on the site.

Step 1: Open // in a new tab. directly or move your cursor towards the end (Footer Menubar) of the site and click on Post a Job menu as shown in Fig. 1

Post A Job Menu at Bottom Header
Fig. 1: Post A Job Menu at Bottom Header

Step 2: On the next step fill all the necessary details related to the job as shown in Fig. 2.

Job Opportunity Details
Fig. 2: Job Opportunity Details

Step 3: Now click on preview. The page will show how it will look like once published on the website. If you are satisfied click on Save draft, otherwise make necessary changes and then click on Save Draft. Once you click on Save draft it will be saved on the website. It will create a notification for us. So We will visit the job and approve it if found suitable. Once approved the job will be visible on the site for all.

So, Kind request to all to utilize this platform and help your friends find a suitable job with ease.

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Anup Kumar Dey

I am a Mechanical Engineer turned into a Piping Engineer. Currently, I work in a reputed MNC as a Senior Piping Stress Engineer. I am very much passionate about blogging and always tried to do unique things. This website is my first venture into the world of blogging with the aim of connecting with other piping engineers around the world.

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