Top Online Courses for becoming proficient Piping Professional for Oil & Gas Career

In this competitive age,  many freshers, as well as experienced engineering professionals, are interested to upgrade their piping engineering and oil & gas knowledge to become an expert in this field. There are so many online courses available in the market, however, the only effective course will help to become an adept engineer.

Over the period, expertise comes through on the job learning in project works but courses on basic fundamentals will help to gear up and correlate the basic knowledge with practical works.  In this article, I am going to list a few online piping and oil & gas engineering courses for understanding the basics and having an edge over other candidates.

Online Piping Courses

1. Understanding Piping Engineering in Oil and Gas Industry:

This Course (Piping Engineering & Design) will explain all the steps required for having a solid piping design base. This course will help the participant to understand the Key Engineering deliverable in the piping industry pertaining to oil and gas. The course will explain the following points in brief:

  • Codes, Standards, and Specifications
  • Piping Design Basis
  • Piping Engineering Deliverables
  • Piping Design Calculation
  • Piping Supports
  • Piping 3D Modeling
  • Piping Tie ins
  • Piping Protection Coating and Insulation

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2. Overview of Piping Components

This course is designed by highly experienced field experts which ensures that every aspect of the piping components ( Pipe, Fittings, Olets, Gaskets, Flanges, Bolting materials, Valve, orifice flanges, Spectacle Blind, Steam traps, etc) ) is informed to you to increase your current knowledge by manifolds. The course will cover the following points:

  • Common Piping Components used in Power, Oil & Gas, Refinery and any other Process Industries
  • Materials, International codes, standards, specifications, manufacturing, inspection, and testing of piping components
  • Inspection and Testing of piping components in the workshop and at manufacturer locations

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3.  How to be an Expert in Piping Valves

The course will cover valves used in Oil & Gas Piping,18 types of valves, Standards & Specifications, Manufacturing, Materials, Inspection & Testing): This video course will take your existing valve knowledge to the level. Starting with the basic concept of the valve, the course will take you through the advanced concepts of all valves used in process plant piping.

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4. Overview of the oil and gas industry

Through this specially designed course gain an insight into the history and characteristics of petroleum, major events, players of the oil scene, consumption, production, and forecast. This video course will briefly cover the following aspects:

  • Oil in Our Economic life
  • The Characteristics of the Oil Industry
  • History of the Oil Industry and Petroleum Refining in brief
  • Energy Oil and Economic Development
  • Energy Consumption Forecast
  • Energy resources
  • Production of Oil and Gas
  • Major Players of the Oil Industry
  • Investments
  • Profitability
  • Conclusion

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5. Fundamentals of Piping Stress Engineering

This course covers the fundamental basic concepts of piping stress engineering. The course will describe the Deduction of stress equations used in the ASME B31.3 Piping Design Code.

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