Online Course on Underground Piping Layout Basics and Stress Analysis

Underground piping Networks and Stress Analysis is a unique course designed for all piping and pipeline engineers to provide basic details of piping and pipeline layout/routing considerations along with basic stress analysis philosophies followed in Caesar II.

The course is 100% online and covers the basics like:

  • Basic Definitions
  • Scope spilts
  • Why UG piping is required,
  • What basic rules need to be followed
  • Trench Piping
  • Various Underground Networks: Oily water, Contaminated Rain water, Cooling Water, Closed drain networks

It covers most of the underground items like Catch-basin, Manholes, Valve Pits, Diversion Pits, Invert-Elevations, Listing Stations. Requirements and configurations for trench piping are also discussed. Various open and closed drain networks are also explained along with the Cooling water network.

Most of the critical things about Composite drawings are also covered like

  • What are those drawings and why those drawings are required?
  • Who are the various stakeholders involved, and basic requirements to generate these drawings?
Online Underground Piping Layout and Stress Analysis Course
Fig. 1: Online Underground Piping Layout and Stress Analysis Course

Various drawings, cross-sectional views have been added at various stages of the course which can be very useful to understand the fundamentals.

Also, we will discuss the various scope & responsibility splits among various disciplines. all phases from Proposal to Feed to Detailed design stages have been covered to understand the scope & responsibilities of various disciplines.

In the End, Stress Analysis shall be discussed with respect to U/G piping; where the things are discussed in detail with respect to Inputs required, Step by step Modelling in CAESAR II, Various parameters, Various load-cases, and Stress reports.

The course is designed by a highly-experienced PMP certified Piping professional with extensive working knowledge.

How to Join the Course

To join the course simply click here (You can use the limited-time coupons NEWCOURSE to get special discounts)

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