Two Recorded free Webinars on “Analysis of surge problems with CAESAR II and BOSfluids” and “How to Drive Productivity & Continuous Improvement During the Commissioning Phase”

1. Recorded webinar on Analysis of surge problems with CAESAR II and BOSfluids: Originally Presented on on June 29, 2017  by Steve Gillott and Chris Bradshaw from CADWorx & Analysis Solutions as well as Mark Groen from Dynaflow Research Group, this webinar featured how you can prevent the consequences of a surge that is not catered for in the design of a system ranges from pipe clashes, support failures and equipment overload through to pipe rupture.

Many companies predict these loads using very conservative ‘hand’ calculations. The CAESAR II & BOSfluids interaction makes the process quick, easy and accurate via data sharing and an easy-to-use interface.

Download the Analysis of surge problems with CAESAR II and BOSfluids Webinar to see a seamless workflow including:

Importing a CAESAR II model into a BOSfluids 3D model.

  • The easy creation of boundary conditions for a flow simulation
  • Showing/discussing the simulation results – tabular, 2D and 3D
  • Exporting the simulation results (load v time) to CAESAR II to perform a dynamic time history stress analysis
  • Assessment of the ‘mechanical’ analysis for consequences on code and equipment compliance
  • This webinar also featured the new capabilities recently added to BOSfluids Version 5.40.

To register for this webinar click here then click on Download now, complete the form and follow instructions.

2. Recorded Webinar on How to Drive Productivity & Continuous Improvement During the Commissioning Phase: Projects are traditionally driven through sequential stages from design to engineering to operations. The nature of this delivery cycle often creates silos of data resulting in disparate data sources with duplicate, conflicting or incomplete data with independent project milestones.

In 2019, we operate in a landscape of technology enablement and system connectivity in which we can draw from a single source of truth to reuse data over the asset lifecycle. This promotes project collaboration, real-time status and extends data /information to all stakeholders (owners, EPCMs, contractors and vendors) with a responsibility toward common startup outcomes.

What you will take away:

  • Why you should implement completions and commissioning experts and technology early in the project lifecycle
  • Why a data-centric delivery is necessary for a confident startup
  • Why projects are facing startup uncertainty and what can be done
  • How to combat the traditional siloed process of project lifecycles

About the Presenters:

  • Glenn Boyko: Director, Stragetic Partnerships & Alliances, Hexagon PPM
  • Paul Kaleem: Senior Application Consultant, Smart Completions, Hexagon PPM 

To register for this webinar click here, click on watch now and complete the form and then click on view now button towards the end of the webpage.

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