Piping, Pipeline and Structural Freelancing Works by Whatispiping Team

Whatispiping team is pleased to inform you all that we have partnered with some of the best freelancers to provide support for various design activities. We have some highly experienced (Experience range: 8-18 years) freelancers in the design field. We have already provided freelancing support for Piping and Structural Analysis. Our major strength is currently Piping and Pipeline Stress Analysis using Caesar II (All types of Piping and Pipeline systems):

  1. Refinery:
    a) ISBL units: CCR reactors, CCR centrifugal compressor, CCR furnace, ISOM reactors, ISOM
    dryers, Adsorption towers, Stripper columns, Screw compressors, reciprocating pumps, and compressors.
    b) OSBL: Tank farm, parallel steam header, loading-unloading arm.
  2. Offsites: Gas compression stations, Crude pumping stations, pipelines.
  3. FPSO & SEMISUBMERSIBLES: All modules (Turret Manifold, Production Separation, Gas Compression, WHRU, Gas and Crude metering, Heating Medium, Cooling medium, all headers, Flare tip, CO2 permeate, and thermal oxidizers.
  4. Well Head Platforms: Xmas tree to Production manifold, Riser pipeline, Flare tip, etc.
  5. Fixed Platforms: Production separation, Gas compression, WHRU, Heating and cooling medium facility, Metering, Flare tip, Bridge.
  6. Submarine:
    Deep-sea: Subsea Production manifolds, Hookups, Spiders, Pipelines
    Shallow Sea: Water intake and outfall desalination plants.
  7. Thermal Power Plant Systems
  8. Stress Analysis of Surface laid lines

Activities we already Performed:

Support System and Pipe Stress Analysis Activities (Software-Caesar II)

Below is the list of some of the activities we have performed for different projects:

  • Static stress analysis of Transfer lines systems, high-temperature reactor/drier systems, API 617 large diameter centrifugal compressor suction and discharge systems, API-661 air-fin coolers, NEMA SM23 Steam turbine systems, API-610 Pumps, adsorbent towers, columns, API-650 tanks etc.
  • Dynamic and static stress analysis of Flare, PSV , slug, two-phase flow, and surge affected piping systems.
  • Vibration analysis of piping systems connected to API- 618 reciprocating Compressors, API 674 reciprocating Pumps, and pipelines in Caesar-II.
  • Underground Buried analysis of CS/FRP/GRE piping and pipeline systems.
  • Stress analysis of subsea manifold and riser piping systems.
  • Stress analysis of high-pressure choke and kill drilling systems.
  • Stress analysis of Drillship, wellhead X-mass tree platforms, FPSO/FLNG, Semisubmersibles, Gas processing platforms, Production platforms, and bridge piping systems.
  • Stress analysis of Jetty-connected Hookups, loading & unloading arms, and bridging platforms piping systems.
  • Stress analysis of Onshore and offshore well head Xmas Tree connected API class very high-pressure piping system (above 2500# ASME CLASS).
  • Preparation of stress analysis design basis and support design basis on client requirement.
  • Preparation of Flow-induced vibration (FIV) and Acoustically Induced Vibration (AIV) report for high pressure and high flow rate piping systems. And assist in providing adequate supporting arrangements.
  • GRE Pipe and Pipeline Stress analysis qualifying ISO 14692.
  • Apart from the above activities, we can also help you in reviewing and checking third-party stress and support analysis work.

We can produce the work completion certificate from various clients in case it is required.

Also, our team has performed the following:

  • Support designing for Critical piping
  • Detail design, manufacturing and erection documentation of Turbine integral piping.
  • Pre bid Engineering of CW piping and LP Piping Package for Five (5) Units.
  • Critical Piping Review Engineering.
  • HP Piping Stress analysis Engineering assignment for Combined cycle power project.
  • Piping Engineering services, including Stress analysis of Boiler integral piping.
  • Detail Engineering and assistance in engineering services for Steam and water piping systems.
  • Hanger Load and Stress Analysis for Existing, Critical Steam Piping of 120 MW Units.
  • Technical Audit of Steam Piping and PRDS system including Hangers and Supports in Existing 3 x 33 MW, Cogeneneration CPP.
  • Study and Review of Steam Network and PRDS system Including Hangers
  • and Supports for 5 x 115Tph Boilers, 4×12 MW Steam Turbines of CPP and process plant.
  • Piping & Hanger Stress Analysis using FEM. Stress analysis by using finite Element method based on ANSYS software . This Assessment Technique involved evaluation of structural integrity of pipeline components based on procedures of Creep rupture life and CreepFatigue interaction.

Design Flow for Freelancing Pipe Stress Analysis Work

Refer to the following flowchart that explains the design flow chart for Freelancing Pipe stress analysis work:

Structural Analysis and Design of Steel Structures ( With STAAD s/w)

  • Design of Structural steel frame for suspending Spring Hangers/ Tie rods of Critical piping with heavy loads.
  • Steel Skid design for Equipment and integral pipework.
  • Structural analysis and Design and sizing of Steel members.
  • Preparation of GA drawing with member sizes and connection details of members. for the purpose of Fabrication by the execution agency.

Thermal Power Plant Systems

  • Feasibility studies / Detailed Project Reports.
  • Systems engineering of Boilers, FGD Plant, Rotating equipment, including Steam and Gas Turbines and Piping systems.
  • Piping Engineering, including Stress Analysis.
  • Structural analysis and design of Steel Skids / Lifting frames etc.
  • Energy Audit studies.
  • Inspection of equipment at manufacturer’s works
  • Preparation of Tender / Contract documents
  • Detailed design and preparation of construction drawings.
  • Generating Control System Documents and preparation of logic loop diagrams.

Additionally, we are open to undertaking the design activities from the following streams:

  • Piping Layout and Design
  • Instrumentation Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering, and
  • Process Engineering

What are the benefits for you:

By offloading your job to us you will get the following benefits

  • Timely delivery
  • No need to maintain your team
  • No overhead cost for your organization
  • Low cost

How to Approach:

So, if you are looking for freelancing support in any of the above-mentioned activities and wish to finish your job within a short span of time, do let us know by dropping a mail on anup.piping@gmail.com. We will discuss the possibilities of executing the work.

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  1. Sir ,i m in piping field execution n design for the last 30 years, i would love to work with u. I can work on pdms ,ceasarii ,sp3d

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