Bolted Tanks: Bolted Steel Tanks: Design and Construction (With PDF)

A Bolted tank is one of the atmospheric storage tanks that also play an important role as an alternative to the Welded Tank. These tanks are made from factory-manufactured section

Modeling Piping Connection to Storage Tank

The tank nozzle can be modeled using the special “Tank Nozzle” object in START-PROF software. Tank connection modeling has a special significant features in comparison with pressure vessel modeling. Tank Nozzle

Storage Tank Erection: Conventional vs Jacking Method (With PDF)

Two types of storage tank erection methodology have become widely accepted and popular. The first one is the Conventional Method of Tank Erection & the other is the Tank Jacking

Storage Tank Failure: Examples, Causes, and Prevention (With PDF)

The storage tank is a very important static equipment for the oil and gas industry to store fluids. Even though various codes and standards stipulate its design to avoid failure