What are the Differences Between a Pump and a Compressor? Pumps vs Compressors (PDF)

Pumps and Compressors are widely used hydraulic machines in chemical, oil & gas, refinery, and petrochemical industries. Both of them even find applications in domestic usage. Both Pumps and Compressors

Design of Centrifugal Compressor Piping and Appurtenances excluding Anti-Surge Systems (With PDF)

Centrifugal compressors are widely used in process plants to compress gases. Centrifugal Compressors, being rotary equipment, are highly sensitive and prone to vibration. So, the connected piping system must be

Shaft Alignment Methodology for Compressor and Driver (PDF)

Before connecting the process gas pipings with compressor nozzles, the shaft alignment work for the compressors and driver shall be carried out to ensure their concentricity. This concentricity between shaft and driver is very important for proper smooth working of the compressors. This article will explain the alignment methodology in brief.

Basics of Reciprocating Compressors / Difference Between Reciprocating Compressor and Rotary Compressor (With PDF)

In a reciprocating compressor, a volume of gas is drawn into a cylinder; it is trapped and compressed by a crankshaft-driven piston and then the high-pressure gas is discharged into