Flange Bolt Torque Calculation and Pipe Flange Bolt Torque Chart

Proper bolt loading is essential for ensuring proper sealing of the flanged joint to avoid leakage problems. This bolt load for gasket sealing and flange seating is provided by Flange

Types of Flanges for Piping and Pipeline Systems

A pipe flange is a circular disc-shaped piping component that attaches to a pipe for blocking or connecting other components like valves, nozzles, special items, etc. After welding, piping flanges

Difference between ASME B16.47 Series A and Series B Flanges

ASME B 16.47 is an American standard for large diameter steel flanges. This standard covers the design of flanges from NPS 26 to NPS 60. For lower sizes i.e, up

Pressure Temperature Rating and Flange rating of ASME Flanges

Piping Engineers must have come across terms like Flange Pressure Temperature Rating, Flange Rating, P-T rating, Flange Pressure rating, Pressure rating or Flange Class, etc. All these terms are related

Recorded Webinar on Detailed Flange Analysis with CAESAR II using EN-1591

Flange Leakage is a serious concern during operation as it may cause to serious hazards. So, day by day, designing of each piping component following operational integrity is becoming more