Camouflaging of Oil Storage Tanks

The term Camouflage is widely used in the defense industry. Camouflage means using any combination of color, materials, or illumination for concealment. In recent times, the same painting technique is used by various countries to conceal the oil storage tank locations.

Camouflage for tanks is the painting technique or procedure that is used for confusing others to save the Oil Storage Tanks from air attacks during any war situation. The whole process is subjected to the art of color as well as the application of paint. Refer to Fig. 1 which shows an example of camouflaged oil storage tanks.

Camouflaged oil storage tanks
Fig. 1: Camouflaged oil storage tanks

Reason for Camouflaging

Tank Camouflaging is done to save Tanks from attacks. Environmental friendly color is added to tanks such that it matches with the nearby environment, thereby making them difficult to locate. Same as lizards changing their color to make us confused about their exact location. Army Tankers and their dresses are also camouflaged environmentally.

Camouflaging Colors

Normally used colors are terracotta, sea green, and yellowish color. There is no straight answer to this question it’s purely subject to client specification and the particular environment where Tanks are located on.

Codes and Standards for Camouflaging Tanks

The governing codes and standards used for tank camouflaging vary from country to country. A few of the codes and standards used are listed below for reference:

  • BS-4232
  • IS-5
  • IS-101
  • IS-161
  • IS-2074
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Tank Camouflaging Methods

Camouflaging on tank surfaces can be done by following methods:

  • Manual Method using a brush
  • Using a roller or any traditional method
  • Air spray.

Disruptive painting for tank camouflaging shall be done in three colors in the ratio of 5:3:2 (all Matt finish)

  1. Dark green or sea green-5
  2. Light green -3
  3. Dark medium brown-2

Once the camouflaging is done, the tank is inspected and tested as per

  • Surface preparation test
  • DPT measurement
  • Crosscut test
  • Peel off test or
  • Holiday test

Cost Impact of Camouflaging

It increases your labor cost and decreases risk. As cost is directly proportional to risk obviously budget &  safety both shall be increased.

A few of the organizations that perform the tank camouflaging in India are:

  • Asian paints,
  • Burger paints,
  • Caroline,
  • Polucoates,
  • Bombay paints,
  • Nerolac paints,
  • Shalimar paints,
  • Sigma paints, etc

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