Tutorial: Stress Analysis of Plastic Piping System using PASS/START-PROF Software

From last few months few of the readers are asking to provide some guidelines for stress analysis of Plastic Piping System. This video tutorial by Mr. Alex Matveev (Developer of PASS/START-PROF Software) will explain the steps for stress analysis of plastic i.e, PVC, PP, PB, PVDF and HDPE piping using PASS/Start-Prof Software(Widely used stress analysis software in Russia-Used since 1965). Hope it will be useful for all piping engineers.

The article will cover the following points in several parts:

  • How to create a simple plastic piping model in START-PROF software and run the analysis.
  • Stress Analysis Theory for analyzing plastic piping systems following Codes/Standards.
  • How the plastic piping system works.

In part 1 of this article one simple plastic piping system is modeled and its analysis methodology is shown.

Refer below video for part 2 of the article:

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