Smart Tee Model considerations in START-PROF

This article provides guidelines for modeling Tee or branch connections using Software START-PROF. The guideline covers modeling for both the Standard Tee and Non-Standard Tee Connection.

Modeling Standard Tee

When you create a standard tee in START-PROF, you can specify tee length (L), tee height (H), header wall thickness, and branch wall thickness.

Fabricated Tee Modeling in Start-Prof
Fabricated Tee Modeling in Start-Prof

When you run analysis simple tee model is automatically replaced by a complex model. Added 6 additional nodes (21, 2, 3, 4, 5, 20). Nodes are hidden for the user. It is visible only in developer mode.

  • 10-20 Element is rigid (H=Dh/2, Dh – header outer diameter)
  • 4-10 and 10-5 elements length is 1 mm (L=2mm)
  • 20-21 pipe element has a wall thickness specified in “Tee” dialog box Tb=10 mm. It can be thicker than the connected pipe
  • 4-3 & 5-2 pipe elements have a wall thickness specified in the “Tee” dialog box tn=10 mm. It can be thicker than the connected pipes
Smart Tee
Tee Connection in Start-Prof

Modeling Non-Standard Tee

For “Nonstandard Tee” and for any standard tee if ASME B31J code selected, additional run flexibilities added into nodes 4 & 5, and branch flexibilities added into node 20. Flexibilities calculated according to ASME B31J

Using ASME B31J Option in Start-Prof
Using ASME B31J Option in Start-Prof

If the option “Consider Tee Branch Flexibility” is selected, then 4 & 5 nodes are not created for standard tees. The flexibilities in node 20 calculated according to ASME BPV SIII div 1 class 1 NB 3686.

Considering Tee Branch Flexibility
Considering Tee Branch Flexibility

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Alex Matveev

Alex Matveev is the head of the PASS/START-PROF pipe stress analysis software development team, which is developed since 1965. Also, He offers technical support and training for users of their software that number already 3000+, industry standard in several countries for 50+ years.

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