Caesar II Version 12 vs Caesar II Version 11

Hopefully, by now all the Caesar II users are aware that the latest version of the piping stress analysis software Caesar II version 12.0 has already been released by Hexagon. Like every year they routinely update the code requirements and resolve user difficulties that appear in the earlier version of the software. In a similar way, they have come with new changes and updated capabilities in the latest edition called Caesar II version 12. 

Even though there are many pipe stress analysis software like Autopipe, Caepipe, Rohr2, Start-Prof, etc, Caesar II is the most widely used software having a major market share in the piping stress analysis software domain. In the following table, I will present a comparison between Caesar II version 12 and Caesar II version 11.

MDMT Test requirements in Caesar II Version 12
Fig. 1: MDMT Test requirements in Caesar II Version 12
ParameterCaesar II 2019-Caesar II Version 11Caesar II Version 12
Piping Code Editions1. Caesar II 2019 complies with the process piping code ASME B 31.3 2016 edition
2. It complies with liquid pipeline code ASME B31.4 to the 2016 edition
3. ASME B31.8 piping code to the 2016 edition
4. Canadian Z662 piping code to the 2015 edition
1. Caesar II version 12 complies with the latest edition of Process Piping Code ASME B 31.3-2018
2. Complies ASME B31.4 pipeline code to the 2019 edition
3. ASME B31.8 piping code to the 2018 edition
4. Canadian Z662 piping code to the 2019 edition
Structural DatabaseThis version OF Caesar II complies with the older version of AISC; ASIC- 1989Structural databases have been updated to AISC 2017
License ManagerHASP Key. Transitioning to Intergraph Smart Licensing (ISL).Fully compatible with ISL, a cloud-based licensing system. This version no longer supports Smart Plant License Manager or HASP keys.
Year BrandingCaesar II version 11 is also known as Caesar II 2019Year branding has been removed from the CAESAR II version name. So there is no Caesar II 2020; It’s only Caesar II version 12.
In-Plane and Out-plane SIFMore detailed information on the use of in-plane and out-plane stress intensification factors (SIFs) is added with respect to FEA translation. Additional information on the local coordinate definitions is also included.
Material DatabaseThe Russian material database is updated.
Interface with AFT ImpulseNo interface with AFT ImpulseDynamic surge analysis becomes easier as files can be directly imported from the AFT Impulse software.
MDMT ReportNot AvailableMinimum Metal Design Temperature (MDMT) data is added to the database (Refer to Fig. 1) to check the impact test requirements. The software checks the requirement.
Buckling Check as per ASME B 31.8Not Available in this versionBuckling check following ASME B 31.8 (Refer to Fig. 2) code has been added in Caesar II version 12. This provides strain values to calculate the buckling and lateral instability of piping elements.
Caesar II Help filesAll help files are available offline in the local drive.All help files are now online in the latest version of the software. It provides improved search, custom book creation, and quick updates.
Caesar II Version 12 vs Caesar II Version 11
B 31.8 buckling check in Latest edition of Caesar II
Fig. 2: B 31.8 buckling check-in Latest edition of Caesar II

The Caesar II owner Hexagon PPM has released one video explaining the enhanced capabilities for the latest edition, i.e Caesar II Version 12. The same has been embedded here for your reference.

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Tutorial video explaining What’s new in Caesar II Version 12

Click here to learn more about piping stress analysis using Caesar II.

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  1. hello sir,
    I started to learn caesar II.I have seen video pointing your block and subcibed.ı need tutorial videos learning caesar, do you have it?

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    1. I have not used other software so personally can not comment. But I heard that AutoPIPE, CAEPipe, Start-Prof, Rohr 2 are all good softwares for stress analysis.

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