Importing an Autodesk REVIT model into Piping Stress Analysis Software START-PROF

What is Autodesk REVIT

Autodesk REVIT is modeling software used mainly by Mechanical, Civil, Architectural engineers and designers. It offers a collaborative and multi-disciplinary approach for design and construction projects. Using this software, Engineers can produce a detailed model of plants, buildings, and infrastructure. REVIT offers features of work-sharing between interface disciplines and saving the work. It helps project teams to reduce costs and achieve better outcomes.

The Stress Analysis Software PASS/START-PROF provides an import feature so that the model can be directly imported into PASS/START-PROF and can be used as analysis input. This feature not only helps in reducing modeling time but also removes man-made modeling errors completely.

This video shows, how to import a piping model from Autodesk REVIT into PASS/START-PROF Piping Stress Analysis Software.

Import Autodesk REVIT


PASS/START-PROF is a part of the powerful and integrated PASS Suite:

  • PASS/START-PROF for piping system stress analysis of any size and complexity
  • PASS/EQUIP for pressure vessel design and analysis
  • PASS/HYDRO SYSTEM for piping systems fluid flow analysis of any size and complexity
  • PASS/NOZZLE-FEM for nozzle flexibility and stress analysis, SIF and k-factor calculation for tees not covered by ASME B31 codes (lateral, D/T>100, etc.)

Methods for Importing Autodesk REVIT into PASS/START-PROF

Export from Autodesk REVIT can be performed using a special plug-in for Autodesk REVIT. Export can be done in two steps:

  1. Select Revit to START-PROF plugin, select piping, export into START-PROF neutral format file
  2. Open START-PROF and open neutral format file

Video Tutorial to Import Autodesk REVIT Model into PASS/START-PROF

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Alex Matveev

Alex Matveev is one of the authors of pipe stress analysis codes GOST 32388-2013 Process Piping, and GOST 55596-2013 District Heating Networks. He is also one of the developers of PASS/Start-Prof software, which is developed since 1965 and used in 95% of process, power, district heating, gas and oil transportation design companies in Russia and CIS countries; it is industry standard in that region

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