What is Smart Plant Review (SPR) or Smart Review? Its Functions and Advantages

Intergraph Smart Plant Review or Smart Review is a popular 3D visualization tool. This tool is extensively used by design, visualization engineering, construction, and animation specialist to review designs and use the 3D model as a graphical interface to access project data linked to the model. With its simple interface and useful tools, Smart plant review makes the viewing experience better and more engaging. Similar to Navisworks, Smart plant review helps users to view their design in 3D much before the construction of the actual plant starts.

Originally developed by Intergraph, Smart Plant review is now owned by Hexagon. The software is also popularly known as Intergraph’s smart review or SPR. As a reviewing software package, Smart plant review provides value throughout the entire plant lifecycle starting from the initial design phase. Various engineering activities like HAZOP reviews, Model reviews, accessibility studies, retrofits, upgrades, etc make use of Smart plant review software extensively. The software can easily load projects of any size by using Smart Review’s unique object-streaming technology. Smart plant review can help users to access even finer details like pipe material, exact support types, measuring dimensions, etc.

Advantages of Smart Plant Review

SmartPlant review is a fast, efficient, and powerful tool for approaching plant design from an expert perspective. As a 3D design review aid, smart plant review provides a multitude of benefits as listed below:

  • It made design reviews simpler by providing touch supported tablet mode option to users.
  • The productivity and performance are significantly improved by viewing each element in 3-dimensions during the initial design.
  • The smart review provides seamless connectivity to various other tools like Intergraph Smart 3D, SmartPlant Foundation, etc, and gives up-to-date information.
  • The models are portable which makes the handover smooth and flawless.
  • The SPR models support AR/VR devices for improved performance. It also helps to export to various external formats.
  • The display quality of the SPR models has significantly increased by adding photorealistic effects.
  • The productivity and discoverability are improved because of the navigation for touch and clicks.
  • SmartPlant Review adds connectivity to different third-party software.
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Functions of Smart Plant Review

Intergraph Smart Plant Review software is a powerful, interactive, and versatile visualization tool that gives life to the 3D model. One can easily simulate the placement or removal of equipment, piping, or structures to review physical clearances. The SPR software package also allows users to perform motion studies and develop different complex motion scenarios. The construction process can be visually simulated when the SPR module is used in conjunction with the Construction Module.

The main functions of Intergraph’s smart plant review are:

  • Monitoring of the project design and execution.
  • Reviewing technical solutions in 3D models to detect clashes and resolve errors.
  • Item verification with respect to technical specifications.
  • Tracking of work progress by visualizing each stage of design and construction.
  • The ability of remote collective viewing by providing shared access.
  • Creation of a photorealistic presentation to discuss optimization and solutions.
  • Annotation of project documents.

To extend the functionality smart plant review has various modules as listed below:

  • The creation of superstructures in smart plant review is achieved by its open program interface API module. The API module of SPR includes all the required programming libraries for developers to create programs on Smart Review.
  • The collaboration module enables multiple users from different locations to jointly review and interrogate the 3D model at the same time.
  • The construction module of SPR is used to simulate the construction process.
  • The photo-realism module of smart review has the ability to convert still images to a new level of quality which helps in the creation of powerful presentation materials.
  • Its on-site Drawing Generation Module creates fast and intelligent two-dimensional drawings with hidden line display capability.
  • The Point Cloud Integrator Module of Smart plant review provides the capability to display three-dimensional laser scanning point cloud data with the plant model for using the data during design reviews. This helps in lowering the effort, time, and cost of process plant retrofit engineering and construction projects.
  • The publisher module converts the CAD formats into compatible Smartplant review formats.
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Intergraph Freeview

Similar to Navisworks freedom, Hexagon also provides a free viewer known as Intergraph FreeView. It supports .VUE files that can be viewed and navigated. The easy-to-use, motion controls of the Freeview software package allows user to walk through the complex 3D environment.

References and Further Studies

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