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In this competitive age,  many freshers, as well as experienced engineering professionals, are interested to upgrade their piping engineering and oil & gas knowledge to become an expert in this field. There are so many online piping courses available in the market, however, the only effective course will help to become an adept engineer. Over the period, expertise comes through on-the-job learning in project works but courses on basic fundamentals will help to gear up and correlate the basic knowledge with practical works.

This article is specifically for those who are looking for online piping engineering courses at a reasonably low price. I will list all such courses in this article and you can attend any course of your choice. This article will be updated continuously as and when I find new piping engineering courses. Hope this will be useful for many of you.

How to Attend Piping Engineering Courses

To attend any of the below-mentioned courses simply click on the links provided below the heading. It will take you to the course page. Before starting to proceed with the respective course, kindly check what the course description is. In the description section of all the courses, you will get sufficient information to give you an idea if the course is required for you or not. For a maximum of the below-listed courses, you will get a certificate for course completion, full lifetime access to the course, and a few downloadable resources. Also, Most of the courses come with a money-back guarantee.

Course 1: Online Detailed Course on Piping Engineering (The Best Online Piping Engineering Course)

This is the best online piping engineering course in my view. The course consists of 210 lectures covering all aspects of piping engineering. Students can learn at the ease of their homes with unlimited access. The course is designed by a PMP-certified piping engineer with over 15+ years of working experience in top MNCs and provides in-depth knowledge about all piping engineering aspects. There are four sections in the course which explains

  • Section 1: Basics of Piping Engineering (9 Hours)
  • Section 2: Piping Materials & Testing (6.5 hours)
  • Section-3: Piping Layouts (13 Hours)
  • Section-4: Piping Stress Analysis (14 hours)

Click here to know more details about the course and enroll. You can WhatsApp at +91-9560191444 to directly contact the author and clarify your doubts if any. If you are interested only in the Online Piping Stress Analysis course then click here to know the topics that the course covers.

Course 2: PG Diploma in Piping Design Engineering

This course is for entry-level engineers and designers in piping engineering. This course will provide an overall knowledge of piping engineering aspects. Designed by experts considering theoretical and practical aspects of piping engineering. Currently, the course consists of 6 modules covering Fundamentals of Piping, Equipment, Layout & Drawings, Design Calculations, and Considerations, Piping Fabrication & Support, Stress Analysis & Testing. To know more details about this course and attend kindly click here.

Course 3: Caesar II Training Course 2021: Piping Stress Analysis

To get an insight into the world of piping stress analysis using Caesar II software this course will be an ideal selection for you. The course contains more than 1 hour and 30 minutes of lectures to provide you with all the basic details of Caesar II software along with two practical examples. To know more details about this course and learn piping stress analysis following international codes, Simply Click here.

Course 4: Introduction to Piping Engineering

This course is prepared by a highly experienced piping engineer (15+ years of experience). The course covers an introduction to piping engineering, a typical organogram of an EPC company, piping components, responsibilities of piping professionals, piping engineering deliverables, and interfaces with other departments. For beginners, this course will be a starting point. Click here to know more details about this course.

Course 5: Piping Fabrication with Isometrics – Oil&Gas, Mechanical

To gain in-depth knowledge about the piping fabrication process from piping isometric drawings this course will help you. In this four-hour-long journey, you will gain in-depth knowledge regarding details of different isometrics, piping fabrication schedules, shop fabrication activities, welding basics, piping components, codes & standards, etc. To know more details about this course and attend online simply click here.

Course 6: Pump Piping and Layouts

For knowing all the piping design rules for pump piping routing and spacing, this course is a must. This course covers the important components of pump piping, layout aspects, spacing criteria, stress recommendation, etc. To know more details and attend this course click here

Course 7: Column Piping and Layouts

Columns are an integral part of refineries. The layout and routing of pipes are really critical. In this 1.5-hour long duration, you will gain insight into Column functioning, layout aspects, nozzle orientation, platform, and ladder requirements, and operational and maintenance aspects from industry experts. To explore more details and attend this course click here.

Course 8: Heat Exchangers – Piping Layouts

On this 1-hour-long engineering course named “Heat Exchangers: Piping Layouts,” you will get an in-depth understanding of all piping design aspects of lines connected to heat exchangers. Moreover, the construction and operating features of all types of exchangers are covered. Tips for optimizing the layout are also provided. To attend this course click here.

Course 9: Rack Piping Design & Layout

To get an overbroad idea about rack piping design and layout, this course is a good choice. This course explains the design inputs required, pipe rack design concepts, guidelines on placing pipes over the rack, supporting pipes, equipment and platforms on pipe racks, and much more details. To attend this course, click here

Course 10: Overall & Unit plot plan

In this video tutorial, you will get to know all aspects & parameters for creating an overall and unit plot plan. Various necessary guidelines are discussed to provide you an overall idea regarding plot plan development. Click here to explore more and start attending this course.

Course 11: Compressor Piping and Layouts

It covers all the piping and layout aspects that need to be taken care of while preparing the compressor piping layout & shelter design. So if you are looking for information to design the layout of compressor piping, simply join this online piping engineering course by clicking here.

Online Piping Courses

Course 12. Understanding Piping Engineering in Oil and Gas Industry

This Course (Piping Engineering & Design) will explain all the steps required for having a solid piping design base. This course will help the participant to understand the Key Engineering deliverable in the piping industry pertaining to oil and gas. The course will explain the following points in brief:

  • Codes, Standards, and Specifications
  • Piping Design Basis
  • Piping Engineering Deliverables
  • Piping Design Calculation
  • Piping Supports
  • Piping 3D Modeling
  • Piping Tie ins
  • Piping Protection Coating and Insulation

Please click here to enroll and access the course 

Course 13. Overview of Piping Components

This course is designed by highly experienced field experts which ensures that every aspect of the piping components ( Pipe, Fittings, Olets, Gaskets, Flanges, Bolting materials, Valve, orifice flanges, Spectacle Blind, Steam traps, etc) ) is informed to you to increase your current knowledge by manifolds. The course will cover the following points:

  • Common Piping Components used in Power, Oil & Gas, Refinery and any other Process Industries
  • Materials, International codes, standards, specifications, manufacturing, inspection, and testing of piping components
  • Inspection and Testing of piping components in the workshop and at manufacturer locations

To Enroll and Access this Online Course Click here

Course 14.  How to be an Expert in Piping Valves

The course will cover valves used in Oil & Gas Piping,18 types of valves, Standards & Specifications, Manufacturing, Materials, Inspection & Testing): This video course will take your existing valve knowledge to the level. Starting with the basic concept of the valve, the course will take you through the advanced concepts of all valves used in process plant piping. Click here to enroll and access this online course

Course 15. Overview of the oil and gas industry

Through this specially designed course gain an insight into the history and characteristics of petroleum, major events, players of the oil scene, consumption, production, and forecast. This video course will briefly cover the following aspects:

  • Oil in Our Economic life
  • The Characteristics of the Oil Industry
  • History of the Oil Industry and Petroleum Refining in brief
  • Energy Oil and Economic Development
  • Energy Consumption Forecast
  • Energy resources
  • Production of Oil and Gas
  • Major Players of the Oil Industry
  • Investments
  • Profitability
  • Conclusion

To Access and enroll for this video tutorial course click here

Course 16. Learn Caesar II: Piping Modeling & Stress Analysis 2021

This course covers the fundamental basic concepts of Caesar II and is ideal for newcomers planning to start a career in piping stress engineering. The course will describe the application of Caesar II software to make you aware of the use of caesar ii. To Access this online course click here

Course 17. Elements of Piping Engineering

This Piping Design course has been organized into 8 detailed sections. 8 Sections of the Piping Engineering course have been categorized into 36 Lectures where every individual section is explained in an organized way. The complete course can be finished in 4.5 hours. The important points that are covered in detail are the Scope of Piping Engineering, Oil & Gas Project Life Cycle, Piping Design Basis, Process Interface, Various kinds of piping systems, Valve and Flange types with details, and Strainer and steam trap details. Click here to know more details and access this course.

Course 18: Module on Rack Piping, Pump Piping, Heat Exchanger Piping, Compressor Piping, and Column Piping

In this 5 hour long course, you will learn the basic philosophies and best practices for Pump Piping, Column Piping, Heat exchanger Piping, Compressor Piping, and Rack Piping. You can find out more about what this module covers and join the course by clicking here.

Course 19: Valve Inspection and Testing

Are you worried about your valve performance? Do you wish to learn the basics of valve inspection and testing? Then this is the right course for you. Simply click here to learn more about what this course covers and then attend this course at your own pace.

Course 20: Piping Codes and Standards

Are you a beginner in the piping industry and wondering how to step into the piping professionals’ journey? Knowing various codes and standards that govern piping engineering design and fundamentals is the best way to start with. So what are you waiting for!! Simply click here to understand what codes the mentioned course covers and join it.

Course 21: Piping Wall thickness Calculation

Are you designing your piping and wish to decide on the wall thickness? This course will provide you with step-by-step methods to help you calculate the thickness of your pipe for a given pressure and temperature. So, click here and explore more details about pipe thickness calculation methodologies straightway.

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